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Angelpeptide Lab is an international biotech laboratory which specializes in peptide reagents,custom peptides and antiobodies.Angle peptide is based in Hongkong, which headquarter and laboratory center are located ,we employ 50 prefessors whith good biotech backgrounds.

Angelpeptide Lab understand the importance of having a excellent quality product in order to receive the best results,it cause angle peptide is here,we confidently say that our peptides are of the highest quality and will give you the ability to properly conduct your research.

Angelpeptide Lab has an experienced technical and sales management team, uphold the integrity firstly, quality-oriented service concept. Won the users trust by the high-quality products, reasonable prices, good service.

Now our mainly products include melanotan 2 ,TB-500(Thymosin beta 4),GHRP 6,PT141,Ipamorelin peptides, if any business opportunity ,please dont hesitate to contact us any time.